New York State’s FY2019-2020 budget bill required the State Commissioner of Health to convene a stakeholder group to discuss and set criteria for the delivery of fiscal intermediary services, to develop the criteria for use by the NYS DOH in selecting fiscal intermediaries that can continue to provide CDPAP services, and to evaluate transition-related issues for consumers who may be changing CDPAP providers. Over the past few weeks, various stakeholders have been invited to join the workgroup. The State has not published a list of parties that have been included in this stakeholder group, and the meetings are scheduled to be limited to only those individuals who are invited by the State. The work group will first meet on May 15, 2019, and it will hold several meetings in order to identify and develop best practices related to delivery of FI services and to develop criteria that will be used by the DOH in granting authorizations to FIs.